Nutrition is a very important part of your training, if not the most important.
I will try to make nutrition easy to overcome for you.

Why is nutrition SO important?

Nutrition is the primary fuel your body is gonna use when you train, rest, works or just every other daily activity.
Nutrition is important because:
  1. It is your body’s primary fuel.
  2. Your body needs nutrition to build up muscle again.
  3. Nutrition is needed to build up cells, hormones, enzymes and every other thing your body needs to survive.
  4. To build muscle or lose fat you need to get your nutrition right.
  1. Your body can’t run without fuel, that’s like trying to drive a car without diesel. Period!
  2. If you are training, you are breaking down muscle fibers. And if you don’t get the nutrition to build those up again, you muscle mass will go down. If you get the right nutrition your body can build up muscle faster.
  3. If your body don’t have cells, enzymes and every other thing, it would not work, and the we would die. That’s BAD! xD
  4. Look at point 1. Your body needs nutrition to lose fat. If you just stop eating your body will just break down muscle fibers instead of fat and store all the incoming energy, stored energy = fat…
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More to come...

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